Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Floriography Sympathy Card

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since the last blog post, as I have been really busy getting to grips with my new job but things are settling a bit now so I have got a bit of time to blog.  This card was made for me to send to the mother of a friend of mine who so sadly passed away at the very young age of 41 two years ago this week. She truly was a beautiful soul and had the biggest smile I have ever seen.  At her funeral a tenor sang Bring Her Home (instead of Bring Him Home) from Les Mis, and I have never been able to listen to it since without a tear in my eye.

I didn't want to do a traditional dark card so looked through my favourite floral CD, My Craft Studio Floriography and found the image above.  The card base is A5 and once I had found the images I wanted I merged them together and then moved it about until the cream flower was in the middle.  I used the text tool to print the message at the top and the bottom and then printed it off as a whole piece and also printed another version without the cream flower so I could die cut the embellishment to match the card front. Although it looks like a butterfly it is actually the Large Lace Faerie Queen die from Cheery Lynn, I cut two of them and stuck the body and bottom swirls together but kept the wings separate so I could give the card a bit of dimension.  I decided to keep it simple and not put pearls or gems on the body of the butterfly but added a tiny bit of glitter here and there on the die cut and also a fine line round the edge of the flower.  

All that was left to do was the inner which is also on the CD, you can just see it on the picture above.  The whole card was actually quite simple, but I was happy with the end result and hope Debs would have liked it too.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.