Sunday, 9 February 2014

New Baby Boy Card using Craft Artist

Happy New Year everyone!

It has been AGES since I managed to get to my blog.  With the new job and Christmas, everything has been a bit busy.  Over Christmas I did a bit of a tidy of the craft room as OH now calls the spare bedroom!  Isn't it amazing what you find.  I have more 12x12 papers than I ever though I had, and as for embossing folders ... I had a couple in every drawer, its just lucky that I didn't have any duplicates.  I took a picture of the tidy bit and put three hooks on the side to hang the bits of ribbon on that aren't on rolls.  It is still a work in progress as there is one chest of drawers and one small cupboard that need to be tidied, but one of them has got spare bed linen in, so it's not all my stash - honest!

Anyway enough on tidying ... on to the card.  This is for a colleague at work who had her baby five weeks early!  I used Craft Artist mostly because all my craft stuff was in heaps all over the floor so I couldn't get to it to do any die cutting or match up papers or card.  Excuse the photo, it was a bit of a rush so I used my phone.  I used two digikits Baby Soft and Baby Bumper Kit.  I was lucky with this card as I made it A5 so the proportions looked okay.  Another card I made was not so lucky in that it looked great on the screen (OH has bought a new PC with a massive monitor) and I spent ages designing it for my mum's birthday, but when I printed it off it looked tiny (it was 5x5) and a lot of the detail I had so carefully put on was so small it wasn't worth looking at.  I had to put a load of glitter on it to pep it up a bit!

back of card

So the blooper for this week wasn't actually on this card but another one I made at the same time that  you could only see half the detail when printed off ... still annoying though.

I bought mum the Heritage Project Life Kit for Christmas, she is just starting to decide what journalling to do for each photo, but I will let you know how she gets on as I am fascinated to see if mum really gets into it or if I have forced my desire to see the old photos scrapbooked on an unwilling victim!

Have a great week everyone.